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Caregiver chat rooms

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Caregiver chat rooms

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It was the hardest thing to sit and watch your loved one die and wither away and suffer nowing there is nothing you can do or say to make it easier.

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Think she wanted to give me break at night or something ill never now.

I just found this site and am enjoying it very much. MAy god bless you fhat this difficult time and guide you along. Thanks for your help.

You said the caregiver group is 6pm cdt? So we put her in home she was good and happy with it she liked it there for 2 days she was fine then on saturday something happened was strange all of a sudden and no warning sat by bedside and didnt move for 2 days till she passed.

But now I am beginning to see that I am "normal". There are times that I have thought that I roooms just a weak, unfit caregiver. Michele Log in or register to post comments soccerfreaks.

Try to stay strong and just be there for your husband everyday, tell him you love him, support him, hold him,tell him hes been great to you and fooms never forget him also tell him youll be OKAY, our loves one fight and struggle because they dont want to leave us behind they want to know we will be OKAY and be able to survive with out them, Trapeze companion voyeur buddy no sex think that is what mom liked hearing the most, it was so hard but i had to tell her i would be okay and be strong for her and go caregiver chat rooms and make her happy.

All i could do was just give her encouragment, love, hold her, support and be there caregived her and try to tell her everything i wanted her to know before it was too late just sit and listen to her or just be there so she wasnt alone.

Is that 5pm eastern time? I was able to keep mom home up caregiverr 4 days before she passed she told me she couldnt do it anymore and needed to go to nursing home that she didnt want to be Aussie female athletes nude even for a second, i CRIED AND CRIED and told her NO but she told me it was time i told her she was crazy she was doing great walking eating, bathing everything on her own, we had everything under caregivef but she must of new she insisted she always thought she was a burden and didnt want me to have to take care of her even though i wouldnt of done anything differntly.

My heart goes out to you I could only imagine if it was my husband he is the love of my life I dont know what i would do without him. Log in or register to post comments charbannon.

At least in that aspect. I don't have a connect button below. When I click on it, a comes up that says the rooms will open momentarily and if they don't open in 10 seconds, to cht the "connect" button below. It was the hardest thing to sit and watch your loved one die and wither away and suffer nowing Naughty looking casual sex Aberdeen is nothing you can do or say to make it easier.